The World's Premier Paramedic Development System

A proven program for training paramedics.

PADL is the world’s premier paramedic development program. Providing the paramedic with a systematic and methodical way to instruct and precept future paramedics.

Reduced stress

PADL provides a methodical, reproducible blueprint for training paramedics. PADL will give you confidence on where to begin with each candidate and when the candidate is ready for independent practice.

certified instructors

PADL certified instructors will get the most out of their candidates in the short amount of time provided for training. Making the new candidates much more effective in a much shorter period of time.

Invaluable insight

Invaluable insight for training paramedics, organized and presented by paramedics.

PADL (Paramedic Assessment Development and Leadership) Courses

Prehospital medicine is a chaotic and often challenging environment. PADL provides training on how to effectively transform a new paramedic into a confident and decisive leader, amid all the obstacles associated with EMS. PADL is a 6 hour class, it is broken into 4 separate courses starting with PADL defined. The class must be completed in sequential order. PADL defined, paramedic assessment, paramedic development and paramedic leadership. Each course has multiple lessons. After each course a quiz will be taken and a passing score needed in order to gain access to the next course.



What is PADL? Paramedic Philosophy


Paramedic Assessment

Assessing the needs of the new paramedic


Paramedic Development

Developing the paramedic for effective field work


Paramedic Leadership

Defining leadership principles for the paramedic

Read what others are saying about PADL

Excellent course! The content, methodology, and delivery of PADL is fulfilling a void in pre-hospital instruction and precepting. Every agency with EMTs and Paramedics will greatly benefit from this curriculum for every provider.
David Thomas
I have had the extraordinary opportunity to watch the PADL program from its inception. I have: worked under a PADL Paramedic (as an EMT), been precepted by a PADL Paramedic (as a Paramedic student), and become a PADL certified Paramedic working with Paramedic and EMT students. Having gone through all of these different stages, I can say without hesitation that the PADL program is a complete game changer. Having recently started precepting, the PADL program has provided me the tools to make my students successful no matter what background they are from. In my humble opinion, there is really no other program like it.
Jordan Barnett

Struggling to train others is now over

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